A star is born!
The newly opened Lavana with our 48 spacious rooms and individual shower rooms, exudes contemporary elegance. It's plush graceful interiors permeates the spa serving as a peaceful counterpoint to the busy city outside.It truly is the new landmark of Sukhumvit and all at very reasonable prices! Our extensive menu includes facial treatments,aroma oil and Thai and foot massage Daily,our resident herbal ball creator demonstrates on how she fills the Lavana herbal ball pouch with 18 different fresh herbs that will be massaged along the energy lines of the body. Another exclusive treatment offered at Lavana is the Shirodhara Indian massage.This is an ancient therapy performed by our certified therapist. As you lie on your back a continuous stream of warm oil is poured onto the middle of your forehead.The soothing caress of your 'third eye' lulls you into a deep sleep while it balances the brain and calms the mind. If you want to be pampered in spacious luxury at irresistible prices then our treatment packages are for you. Each package has a tantalizing choice of our most exclusive treatments offered at unbeatable value. Don't miss all our great special offers and promotions at Lavana!
Lavana Herbal Ball
The Herbal Ball is one of the traditional tools which has been used since ancient times.Steaming Thai herbs are tightly wrapped in cloth and gently applied along the energy lines of the body to relieve tight muscles and stress.It helps to relieve muscular aches and strains and promotes healthy blood circulation.

5 different herbal balls:

  Herbal ball Rheumatism :
Especially recommended to anyone suffering from deep pain and stiffness in the neck,shoulder and back.It can stretch ligaments and reduce muscular soreness and joint stiffness.
  Herbal ball Relaxation :
Relaxes aching muscles and releases pent up stress trapped in the ligaments. It releases any blocked energy and tension and prepares one to withstand the stresses and strains of a modern lifestyle.
  Herbal ball female :
Designed to re balance the delicate hormonal system and relieve cramps and coldness in the body.Soothes any irritability and tension during the menstrual cycle.
  Traditional Herbal ball :
This special blend of herbs helps to relieve muscle and joint pain, increases blood circulation, and nourishes and revitalizes the skin.

  Complexion Herbal ball :
Designed for the delicate facial skin. It is made only from herbs that nurture and lift the contours of the face. By massaging the pressure points of the face the blood circulation is dramatically improved leaving the skin glowing,vibrant and flawless.
VIP card service
Lavana is proud to launch the Platinum membership card.
Platinium Card :
if you purchase our platinum card at 10,000 baht you will receive a 20% bonus equal to 12,000 baht.
Condition :
1. No expiration date and all purchases non-refundable.
2. The card can only be used not more or over than their stored value. They cannot be topped up
     by cash to pay the different when it exceeds the store value at the card.
3. Platinum Card per topped up is 10,000 Baht.
news & event
New Water Treatment Room
Grand opening
We are pleased to announce the long awaited opening of "Lavana Spa" on the 14 may, 2007.
Rainny season event
  100 baht deposit and get the umbrella during rainny season
return the umbrella and get the deposit anytime